Professional Tax, Accounting, and Full-service Payroll Services in Indianapolis, IN

Medical Practice Groups

When you’re in the business of healing, the last thing you need is a bookkeeping headache. A.C.T. Services knows the medical industry comes with a plethora of unique business challenges.

Patient privacy and the ever-changing health care climate can take up the bulk of your manpower and budget. Entrust A.C.T. with your overall financial picture: from cash flow and compensation programs for physicians, to budget development and bookkeeping support and oversight.

We offer the flexibility of on or off-site support services and work closely with your group to create accounting systems and related processes necessary to provide accurate data so you can better manage your organization.

Our experience with a variety of other medical practitioners gives us valuable insight on the medical industry and the nuances of running a successful medical practice group.

When you’re looking for a financial accounting firm that can speak your language and relieve your bookkeeping headache, contact A.C.T. and see what we can prescribe for you.

A.C.T Services:

  • Bookkeeping and Business Accounting including financial statements, quarterly taxes and more
  • Financial reporting and communication with stake-holders
  • Tax planning, compliance and preparation
  • Payroll Services
  • Tax-preparation Services
  • IRS Help
  • Planning and Consulting Services